Professional Counselling And Psychotherapy

For Young People, Adults and Couples In Hull and Surrounding Areas



Are you struggling to deal with a traumatic or significant event in your life?

Do you and your partner want to work through some issues and need a therapist to facilitate your couples counselling?

Do you feel as though you could benefit from having someone confidential, safe and reliable to speak to about things you never manage to say, or to seek a different response than what’s usual?

Are you a young person who needs some extra support, wants to understand things/yourself better?

Counselling could be the what you are looking for….

Why do People have Counselling?

Often people have things to speak about because something significant has happened, like bereavement, divorce or adoption and they want some space to figure out its impact on them, sometimes feelings may be so intense that they feel as though they’re going crazy or they are struggling to find closure.

Perhaps it isn’t an event that brings people to counselling, it may be patterns of behaviour or thoughts that people want to understand better, and if the patterns are causing problems, they may want some support to change these; for example, having a fear of a loved one leaving can sometimes ‘push’ them to leave through insecurity or jealousy – and this can be changed.

Some people may feel as though they were never really understood, that they were never encourage to succeed or make decisions to benefit themselves or were made to feel that being angry or sad for example, was wrong or weak…..counselling can be used to meet these initially un-met needs so that they can live without the burden.

Counselling is also accessed by couples who wish to work directly on their relationship; often the individual issues above are played out in intimate relationships.

Whatever an individual’s or couple’s reason for coming to counselling, I offer honest, safe and confidential sessions, currently from two locations in Hull. I do not work with my own incentive, I do not give the therapy a direction; I simply facilitate, with professionalism and integrity, the client to achieve their own goals.

Often people think about taking the move towards counselling for some time prior to making contact with a counsellor; if you are at a stage of contemplation; feel free to check out my blog, Facebook and Twitter page – I hope you find what I have shared and written useful; and please, if there is anything specific you would like to know; just ask.



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